Monday, September 7, 2009

Time N Time!!

Time..time..i know,i know... it takes time to prove a lot of things... But it's really hard at times.. I don't like the way they do things. They can just take it so easy and leave so many things behind.. WTF... Never care of others for God's sake... Owh... Haiz...5.5 more years to go... Where is my beloved friends has gone to? I can't find any of them here ah!!! Sien qu...everyday face the same situation... Those who are good also not so good.. Just like a person with hands but dunno how to use them... I am really confused... I don't mind if u can see this or not but if u can, can u pls change? i hate it and you are really a noob. Think for your own sake. Haiz..

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