Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Haha..finally to my blog le after so many days of tagging... Lolz..but those tag was quite fun de la..at least i discover something i never know.. La la la..life's been good these few days..coz i have virtually no class anymore..everyday just have to come to school and do some marking on the folios lo.. Hehz..still got 2 mountains to go... Onli manage about 20++ a day nia... Jia you ba... Oh well,tomolo will be the birthday of a friend of mine.. Haha..a nice girl...but now still thinking of giving wat present to her lo... Erm...still thinking lo... Haha.............have a nice day~~


Chloe said...

thx thx. XD jiayou jiayou!
this is the best gift le lah. don have to think le. ^^

khaifire said...

haha...dunno la... I will see first~~ La la la..u r welcome..

Chloe said...

thx anyway. =D

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