Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some People Is Just Like This

Sometimes some people just irritate me very much. I don't know why this people are always like this. They don't know how much trouble they brought to me. They never think of others. I have been disturbed over and over again but then, he is still my friend until now. Why does he have to make a fuss out of nothing? Why can't he just don't care about those things? He might be out of his mind of somehow he is just too lonely. I really hate a person like him. He might has no friends at all. He is somehow really bored of his life. I want to be a good friend but he doesn't want me to do so. What should I do then? He do things without thinking. I really can't take it anymore at some point in the conversation between me and him. I am very sad and angry because of him. I am not saying that he is not a good friend but why can't he be tolerate a bit by not being so "ke po" sometimes? Can't he care less a bit? He claims that no friends of his wanna share any secrets with him. What a good way of lying?? I really think that he is a pro cheater. No,no,no..is super pro la. We talk to him but what he does in the end is just by back-stabbing us back. He broke the friendship promise he made before hand. He goes around spreading news of others which have nothing to do with him. I hate it. This is not good. Why is his attitude like this? How can I go on staying in the same class with such a person? Let's just pray for God's help. I really don't know how to cure this matter. I have been not so well for these few weeks. One of the matter which bother me a lot is this. One thing for sure is he seems like he doesn't care for anything that he did. Who knows what more things that he has done behind all of us? I can do nothing about what is he going to do because he is him and I am myself. So,let's just leave it to God to do what should be done. That all,BB to the good old friend of mine.

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