Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thinking Too Much^-^ >.< *.* -.-!!

If I say that I am in a big trouble,deep danger of being drowned...what should I do? I may be gone suddenly. What will be my next step? My life is dull but at is brighten by my friends' presence. What if I lost my friends one day after tomorrow? What will it be like? It's so scary. I really hope that day will never come. Cause I dun want to leave all of you. Am I crazy to think of all of this? I asked these things to my friends. These were some of the opinions.

First friend:
First,you should calm down. That will require your critical thinking! You won't lost your friend if you stay connected with them. That is accident. God want it to happen. So,let it be... It's not scary, but you are afraid to face it alone! It will come some day. That is your choice. You are not crazy, you are just thinking too much.

Second friend:
Lolz... Ya... You are thinking too much. Soon, all of us will be leaving. We can't be together forever. Maybe you can find more friends when the day comes. We still can contact each others. This is life... We have to face it. So, accept this with open heart... Just let God lead the way...

Third friend:
I agree with one of your sentence,"I may be gone suddenly"... Few weeks ago, I felt so...and I want to do something so that I won't regret when I leave. Believe in God is good, but we just can't throw everything to our God when we are in trouble, we need to make our choice and go on our life. Time and your surroundings decide who are your friends, so don't worry too much, just don't close the door of your heart.

Fourth friend:
Itulah Nyawa.... Ini juga satu daripada jalan yang perlu dilalui bagi teenager.... Setiap orang perlu laluinya. Dunia ini, semua orang tentu ada suatu hari akan meninggal. Tidak berkecualian.

Fifth friend:
We leave is for our future. We may feel sad at the moment when we leave. But we feel more happy when we meet. Yes/No? Friendship cannot be eliminated by time, but with more appreciation.

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