Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Need More Time

Here we go again... Oh ya, I am back after so long time away from the blogging world. It's like getting harder and harder to find time to blog nowadays. We have different agenda going on in our everyday life. Sometimes we just cannot control our time and time is always not enough for us to use. What to do. Life goes on and time wait for no one. I am still teaching year 6 this year and still pursuing my masters of education. Another 6 months to go. Let's just see how it goes. Assignments have been handed out but it seems like I am having zero progress up till now. It's just so hard to concentrate nowadays. School in the morning, nap in the afternoon, swim some time in the evening, tuition, church at night and tea time after that. Where can I find some extra time? No idea. So, that's all for now. We shall continue sharing at another time! See ya all.

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