Saturday, March 15, 2014

Reflection For The First Quarter Of Year 2014!

Sometimes the heart just won't dare to accept the fact that some things have happened and there's no turning back. That's how humans' works like. We always like to think of what if this and that can be. But then, come to think of it, how many years of regret can we live in? Before we realize it, we are already near to the second half of the third decade of our life. What we must know and be sure of is why are we doing the things we are doing now, what is going on at the surrounding, who is the right people around us and etc.

2014 has so far been quite a normal n peaceful year for me up until this moment. However, there are still a long way to go before we are gonna end it. And it's up to us to determine if it's gonna be a meaningful year for all of us. This semester has been a quite swift one to pass by. Without realizing, next week is gonna be my eighth week at SK.Kionsom. 5 more weeks to go before I end it once and for all. It's started with a bang, then got lower and lower, and in the end we have arrived to end of week 7. Wow. Good news or not, you tell me.

Other than that, I am proud to announce that we are gonna hand in our final assignment for the semester next week before we go off for our long-awaited one week holiday. Yeah, after all the hustle and bustle in the city, finally I can give myself some time to switch off completely. I am going back home and I can do whatever I want! 

This is life. We are the one who give the answer to how our life can be deal with. No one can answer that other than ourselves. Some of my friends might have worked for a few years dy, some might just graduate and just started working for a few months, some might still be sitting at the home waiting for their job to come, some might still be studying and hoping to grad as soon as possible and some might just be doing something we don't know.

So, all in all, what I wanna tell all of us is that no matter what we do all the time, make sure we know what we are doing. There must be a reason why we are doing something at all times. It's a weekend and I will surely enjoy tonight. Movie night, then Chelsea once more! Oh yeah, have a nice weekend ahead of all of you ya! Love you all!^^ 

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