Sunday, March 2, 2014

Do Your Part!

I couldn't care much of how you work, how many time you spend in doing something or whatsoever things are actually in your mind right here right now. All you need to do is DO YOUR PART! Do remember what comes first before everything else. Some might need time to pray to God first, some might need to catch some series before start working, some do this and do that but all I request for you is finish the task given to you and in the end you are happy, I am happy and everyone else shall be happy too! 

This time of the year is usually the busiest period of the year and I am here blogging about stuffs which are all becoming "rojak" in my mind. What I know now is assignment, assignment, assignment which I need to hand in this coming Tuesday! Which is in 2 days the same time, I have an observation from my Malay teacher at school tomorrow. After that, I will have to finish the lesson plan for the week. How come so many things coming at one go? Without forgetting proposal, another assignment. Observations? Still too many to settle.

Before everything else, I would like to say how thankful I am to still be alive here and blogging all these stuffs. Let's just hope that the next 9 months can pass by as swiftly as possible. I wanna get myself graduate just like so many people surrounding me. Some even got married dy, yet I am still here for my 5.5 years course which seems like endless! So everyone please wish me luck! Another 3 weeks more to the mid-term holiday! So, Sibu please wait patiently ya!^^ Got to go guys and gals..till we meet again next time! Good day...

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