Saturday, March 8, 2014

Just Ain't The Same No More!

Just ain't the same no more, yeah, everything is just ain't the same no more. It's a typical Saturday n yet I m just staying in this hostel for the whole afternoon thinking of the draft for the proposal which I need to show my lecturer this coming Monday. To be exact, I thought of it even when I was taking a supposed to be short nap of mine. I ended up sleeping for 3 long hours. Maybe I was just too tired for the past few weeks and never actually have a really nice sleep.

All I can look forward to is the one week holiday coming soon in 2 weeks time. All this practicum thing really make me feel so uneasy, the teaching aids, the lesson plans and most of all the action research I need to plan. Somehow I feel like I have been doing these things over and over again! It's like non-stop to me. So that one week is really the best and most suitable time for me to pause for a while and do more relaxing thing in order to make me feel better of this final year.

Well, talking about just ain't the same no more. Life has been so different for me this year, I tried going for tuition and try to earn some hard earned money. Things has been so far so good as I only need to cover one more assignment after this which is the action research's proposal which I have mentioned above. I am not outside having fun on a normal Saturday afternoon till night, I am still in my room wondering when can I have my dinner.

But one thing is never gonna change, which is my support for Chelsea. I am gonna catch every match they play including tonight's 1.30am's match. I know it's kinda early but as a loyal fan, what to do? So while dinner is not served yet, I might as well do some of my works until it finally arrive. So until then, have a nice weekend ahead of all of you all ya. Good day! See ya all again soon!^^

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