Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Heart Felt Notes

Homeworks seems to be endless again these days. One by one rushing in with me can't stop rushing to burn them down. What a way to go on with my life. This just make me to being more and more anticipated with the fact that I will be away from all these burden in 16 days time. Come on. Just give me a break. Maths assignment to be passed up this Friday. Many things have not been done just yet. English ISL are growing more and more like mountains. Education subjects are so crazy that they are killing me softly. So many things to be memorized. A life full of thones ahead. And yet my mind is not just filled with these study stuff. It's actually more than that. Money is another big worry. How come I just feel not enough to spend. Two trips to KL. One trip to Mount KK. WOW. Another 1.5 K gone, and this is the minimum I would spend. LOL.

1 comment:

LesLeY said...

don't worry Allen!! You will be fine!! :D

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