Saturday, February 26, 2011

Silences Heard and It DOES HURT~

I seems to be complaining too much at, I think I need some time of silence from now on. Just to keep quiet for a while can make a whole lot of difference! Come on. Even after the betrayal from someone I trusted a lot before. How can a person change so much? Or is he really that selfish. Do we really know who this guy is. Maybe he has been faking himself all these while. Cheating the feeling of all his friends and family. I was really frustrated that very night when everyone was working so hard in order to finish the task. Sad and nearly cried out. Yet I decided to cool myself down and accept the fate that you are just too tired and have some other plans. Maybe you will wake up in an hour or two. To help us in completing the task and share the work. Oh well, it was all just a dream. In the end, I gave up in waking u up. I made up my mind to finish them with my other partner ourselves. I dun care anymore. After that, you can actually pretend that you did nothing wrong. Not a bit feeling of sorriness inside you. What kind of human being are you actually? I was instantly speechless that moment and I decided to ignore you from now on. We can't be great partner and so, no point in continuing our grouping. You shall do yours and I will continue mine. In short, GET LOST LA!!

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