Ridiculous Matter

I am also not quite sure if this feeling is normal or not anyway. But it just bother me so much. I have been waiting for a chance to pounce so much yet I have been disappointed yet again. Why can other option do it and yet only us being left behind. The beautiful and satisfying face on every single one of them. Kept thinking to myself, when will it be the maths classes' turn to do one. What to do, i guess it's just something too hard to ask. There's no cooperation between the junior and senior. Just because of the financial factor. What a pure disgrace. We have the ability to do so but we just won't think out of the box and do it for just this one time. This is just crazy. The Malay option successfully organized their BM night as they enforced a must go on everyone. The Chinese group did their show on stage every semester and we have got nothing more to complain about them. They were just pure magnificent. The Tesl group too held their drama and Tesl Night every year as an annual event. I can see the PJ group living harmonious with each other. Now I am left with one question alone. What has Maths group gotta offer up? Some of us don't even recognized our own seniors. When we talked about Maths Night, more than 75% said they disagreed because of the financial problem. Is this really the true reason? Or is it just a way of disguise? Why do we need to do something like this to cover up the truth? I do not understand and I know some of you out there are feeling the same way as I am now.


Miss Victor said…
uwaaa.. Allen... Relax.. (^ - ^)
khaifire said…
i can't hide this anymore..haha..wanna burst out dy..lol..^^
Miss Victor said…
I think there will be Maths Night this year, right... So we just can wait and see if there's any news on that.. hehe..
keyna said…
allen..i do feel the same way
khaifire said…
I certainly hope so then...haha...thanx ya keyna...^^

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