Sunday, January 23, 2011

Coming soon! Anticipating it ya..

I have been having a deep and nice sleep last nite. I also wonder why so. But then maybe there are two reasons behind it. One, I was really tired after walking around town for the whole afternoon and evening. Two, it was raining the whole nite and I was feeling too comfortable dreaming of my allowance. I dreamed that my allowance has finally came in dy. But until I realized it, it was all just a dream. Oh well, what to do. Being here for more than a year and a half, I can finally say that I am used to the situation here where nothing is fast and efficient. Everything must be done last minute. Anyway, this is a great compliment for this institute here as it is really bergaya ma! Congrats ya. Enjoy ya. Anyway, I dun wanna it to spoil my weekend. So, I might as well leave it behind and not think of it. It's a Sunday by the way. And Sibu is bound for me in 4 days time. I haven pack yet. I am just anticipating highly on the next few days to come. Where I will miss class for the first time in years. Haha. Where I will be back soon. Where I am going to catch up with my old friends. Who knows how many years we did not meet. Oh well, God bless ya.^^

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