Thursday, October 28, 2010

After Birthday~

With my 21st birthday done n dusted for a while, it's time to settle down and do something meaningful for me and my future. As we all know, this is the critical time for exams and revisions tend to come in. I will have my English paper on the 1st of November, Malay(most hated) paper the following day, Maths 1 on the 9th and finally Maths 2 on the 15th.

Let's not go so far to the 15th, where after that I shall be having my year end holidays back in my hometown. My revision has been so far so good but there are just so many things which requires improvements. I just hope that I have sufficient time to improve them. Good luck to me and all my friends who are doing the same thing now.

English, in fact I love you the most. It's just like another typical paper where students are given bonus marks. Sorry if am too confident and cocky to some of you out there. Malay paper however is just like a pain in the ass. So many things to read compared to English. Both are language but how come the difference are so many. Luckily I can finally tell myself that this shall be the last semester I am touching Malay. Thank God for this.

The other two subjects are just great. It's Maths anyway, I would not choose to come here if not for this. My major, so I will definitely do well for the sake of A and not just passing. Oh well, there are just so many things to prepare now until the 2nd of November. By then, I will be a free man once again.

All I dream now is next Wednesday. Come quick. Here, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all my friends for the wonderful wishes yesterday, presents, cards, food and etc. Great time and I shall keep all of them in my memories for as long as possible. Peace!^^

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