Saturday, May 22, 2010

Some Thoughts

I might end up with nothing based on the condition now. But I keep on telling myself not to ever think of giving up. Not good and definitely will do harm to myself even more. They have their own choice. No one can do anything to your perception. What you live may not be the best but it's still your life,rite? Can others steal it from you? I guess not.

It may be still too early to think of these now. No one can stop it so why bother then? Just live it out of yourself. There may be some good behind it, who knows? Problems are not good but if you live and obey problems, you are the one who is not good. Time spend are not possible to be taken back. Whatever things poured out can never be taken back. Whether they are taken for granted is another matter.

What a person can change into every second are really unthinkable. Every second is just another chance for you to strive for a better self. Help yourself more than others. Wasting your chance may not benefit others but it will surely bring losses to you. No one wish that as a present. Why do it even when you know it's not good?

As much as you can do shall be a good solution to a lot of things. Forcing one to be like a different person than he is now will never help. A good person will be a good person. And otherwise. A life is so brief that before we start realizing, we have the last two decades of our life on this small planet which seems very big to a lot of people.

A day well spend is a blessing from our beloved God. We must be grateful and pray for a better day for the coming days of our life. Never be too complacent with the things you have. Think and grow as you live. Friends can be enemies and so do the another way round. Love all of the people around and remember this, it's better to have one more friend than to have one more enemy!

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