Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ready For U!!

After a week of fun, studies, sleep...I decided to sum out something... Tat is whether I m ready for the coming finals or not... MT2..quite confident, the last paper, trial did,MT2 good! MT1..still ok de la..tat day flip through the notes n questions dy..not tat hard but just need some polishings... Ok,MT1,good! tell the truth, I really dunno wanna study wat..summary? essay? comprehension? Lol..onli grammar..which i can do in a few minutes!,BI also good!! Now to the last thing,'s this paper? Argh..tension? No la..actually i feel just alright..morfologi n sintaksis is just left some memorizing of the kesenian and kebudayaan!! Hahahhaha...which means, everything is Good!! So, finals is coming in less than 5 days...n i m happy to declare tat i m ready~~ Thank you,God!!

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joven said...

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