Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy May Coming!!!

It was not long ago when I wrote the post "The last day of March"... And now it's the turn of the last day of April 2009 liao.. Haha...April was a quite busy month..busy with the school assignments.. Busy with the planning of camps.. So many things to dealt with.. Went for Medsi n Munsyi test as well.. The results is not out yet.. So,now still awaiting anxiously lo... La la far so good... Facebook is getting more n more fun...especially street racing... Lolz...everyone come join me ya... O ya..celebrated a few friends' birthday too...they are now in their "2" liao... It's their zone... Oh well,me however is still in my comfort zone....still go a few months to go... Now i m looking forward to May's holiday le...when all the students r having exams...i m sitting in the office doing nothing... Wahahahahahaa....think le,jiu shuang le.... Happy May Coming!!!

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