Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coming June

If it's according to my calculation,I may end my teaching job on the 19th of June. So,that means 2 more months to go. Oh well,it can be real tiring at times but sometimes jiu free till cannot free qu. I felt wanna quit some while ago. Wish I had never step in this hole but what to do,I am already here for 3 and a half months le. Can say long,can say short too.. See how u look at it lo. I spend my time with my dear friends every night limteh-ing and watching movies.. I wonder if I had not been granted this job,will I be able to do so so freely and easily. Haha..think of it ba.. Life ah..still single.. No one to choose from. The thing is that my love is not here and there's not even one which is suitable for me now. The one i like will be flying off really soon. Not going to come back so soon. I might as well take time off and do something more meaningful that just wait sillyly here. The feeling of waiting someone or something is very painful. You might end up losing it too. Love..goes and comes back as if it's something which can determine the live and death of oneself.

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