Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Life is not like what we expect to be every time. It is weird but we just need to live with it. Bury all the hatchet and enjoy it. We know we see or hear something but we just won't ever admit it. What a sad tragedy when our close friends get to know about it. Totally ignored what others do at times does not necessary guarantee bad results. Cruelly treated by friends who used to spend all the times playing and having so much fun with us. We are all ready to step into our "2" years by now and some have reach it. But what amused me the most is some people actually like to behave like kids more than anything in this world. While you are a guider of someone,but no one wish to hear what you say. Do you think of the feelings of the guilder? How to mend the broken heart? What a way to believe?

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