Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Feeling Part 1

I live in a big big world but I am situated at a small place named Sibu. The World can be very beautiful but if we doesn't know how to appreciate it the best way we can,no matter how beautiful it is,we will never realize it. Things come and go,whether it is living things or non living things. Life is never calm for unexpected things happen here and there everyday. I may love you today but I may also hate you forever for the rest of my life after today. Not everything may benefits us but we are the one who uses the things to benefits ourselves. man are easily affected by a lot of things surrounding them. Sometimes feeling dull and sad may not be the worse thing that could happen to us. If we lost something which is most essential and important to us,by then we may feel that it is time for the world to end for us. Our life is finished. There is nothing left in this world which are worthy for us to live for. our future is gone because there can never be any future for us anymore. Something we need to survive has been taken away from us.

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