Saturday, June 14, 2008

Love LIfe..

I met some girls from my school. They are not from the same age. The girls are younger than me. I like those girls but does not love them. I am not sure what my true feeling. Maybe my mind is playing fun with me right now. I am very dizzy right now. I do not know which step to take after this. I am really confused right now. I want to do something but I just don't have the guts to do so. I am scared of something or maybe this is a phobia to me. So,my friends gave me some advises..

From my first friend..
Just do what you want to do. We will support you.. Say what leh? Just do it. Just don't regret after you do it,don't feel regret after that. There is no medicine for "regret". God already show you the road. So,you need to make a decision wisely. Just be yourself,Allen. All the best to you. This is life.

From my second friend..
The chance don't always come,so if you have that "chance",just do it,don't fear failure. One more month left only.Every change will surely make us lost something,if you want to go a step closer,you must be brave to change,brave to step out! Do it before you regret! So,you want to walk what way?

From my third friend..
For me..the so called "problem" for me is a phenomenon. Or,I should say it is a stage of growing. We all know that the world today has changed. There are no more so called "true love" in this modern society. It is because there is too much temptation from surrounding and the environment. Therefore,there still will has "true love" which has not extinct yet. These few people have very strong determination.Or should I say..Both.. Love is a "thing" that two different sex people make it up. So..Allen,you are so called "confused" here is actually a stage of learning. Because the harm caused by the aftermath is not serious. The thing you have to learn in order to complete your future life... So just learn... The exam of love is drawing near. I mean the "stage of your confusion". Or the things between guts and rational. Gambateh! ^^ From my point of view,loving someone or open your heart to someone for me is a life time cases. I mean it is big deal!!! I mean love=marriage..What is the point to have someone now by knowing that someday,we will finally broke up. As I said earlier,who can stand the other world's temptation without God's word. Aih..whatever la...

After looking at my friends' advices for me,I thought over and over again. I think I know what to do now. I will be myself form now onwards. Let God prepare the path for me to walk. So,if anyone have any advice for me too..please don't feel shy to do so..

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