Saturday, May 3, 2008,what's the point?

I am in a deep dilemma right now..the choices given to me is so hard tat i could hardly make my my decision right or wrong depends on who or even what? I really dun know what to do.. Anyway,if u r reading this..this does only apply to you but also to anyone in the world who wanna be successful in doing something which u like.. I love this and that but sometimes this and that are really really not good enough for me..whether or not the thing is for me or not is not for me to decide..So,do i look like i dun understand or i dun wanna understand? Who can tell me if I m right or wrong? Who can judge me? Who can give me the best possible answer? Who is the one most suitable to me? Can our different background determine everything? Can the World be so cruel? Can i do anything to change this cruel fate? Am i bringing myself into another big trouble? What's wrong with this World? Or is the world really turning upside down these days? I m moving towards a hole which the deepness is unthinkable..can anyone save me? Anyone out there who has experienced the same thing?? Why...please share with me..Lol..

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