Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Uniform Camp 2008

La la la..i went to the Uniform Camp organized by the Boys' Brigade and Girls' Brigade this year from the 26th till 27th of May. The camp was really great. I have dreamed of joining this camp since a long time ago although i had manage to do so last year but that was different because back then,i was an officer for the uniform camp then. So,this can be my first time joining this camp as a participant for the Prefect Group. We got permission from our Prefects' adviser,Mr.Wong. He gave us the green light and tell us that if we want to join in the camp,we must achieve the best. So,i gather the 16 people for the prefect team. Gathering people was never easy because some might be in at one day and then out another day. Until the last day before the camp,there were still changes. But then,the good news is that we manage to form a true team of 16 members,8 zone leaders(Allen Yong,Sien Ding,Tien Yong,Sing Teck,Xuan Yuan,Andy Ko,Bernard Chieng,Jin Mei) and another 8 prefects(Tiong Kuok,Sii Chuan,Chiung Hao,Mim Mim,How Lie,Doreen,Siaw Wei,Amy Wong). We went in as a team and we walk out as a team. We achieved others don't think we can achieve. Now,we were separated into different groups. The group names are such as scooby dooby doo..haha,my team. next,we were assigned to our rooms,prefects were all put inside one room. So high..we cleaned our rooms and next we go for the ice breaking. We designed our flag and think of our slogan. Ahahaha..our slogan was Scooby Dooby Doo,where are you? We are here!!! Huh(Bark like dogs)..LOl,so noob de.. We present our flags and slogans. Next,is a little ice breaking game. The game was ok and it ended quite early like about 10.30am. After that,is the training time for tonight's cultural night. Everyone was really excited about it. We got The Hollow Man and The Hulk for the drama. The Music Video we got was When You Believe by Mariah Carey. We think and think and in the end we got our ideas. The Hulk will be me while the Hollow man will be Tien Yong..My girlfriend was Andy Ko. The MV part was mostly acted out by Sing Teck and Andy Ko(Angel). So,we practice and practice. At about 2,we stopped and went over to the games part. The games were not so fun actually but it was made more merrier by the appearance of the wolves who can steal person from one's group. We were lucky not to get caught. Haha..you can't catch us! We ran here and there shouting our slogan. Really tired but had fun with my team. O ya,forgot to mention..i was the team's leader. Why? Because i talk too much and i look like a dog. The game ended at about 5. We took our bath and then it was the last rehearsal for the cultural night. We prepared all our tools and practice a few more times. At 7,it was time for us to move over to the hall. We were the 6th group to perform. Not nervous at first but getting more and more nervous when we are nearer. In the end,it was our turn. We act out the drama first. The whole thing was really fast. Haha,the last move I made stole the limelight. i march forward to the middle and fallout there. I gave a peace to everyone and everyone laughed. The teacher was shocked and all 6 of laugh too. Next,is the MV part,we did really well too. We must really thank Andy Ko for what he has contribute to the team. He acted out the part of a girl for both drama and MV. Haha..at about 10,everything was over. We went back to prepare for our sleep. Then,it was sleeping time. The next morning,we woke up at 5 for the marching. We practice a few times and then go for our bath next. At 7,we gathered at the canteen for our breakfast. While having breakfast,our teacher(Ling Nga Hung) came over to congratulate us for doing so well last night. We achieved no.1 for the cultural night. We were the second team to march. We marched but what cannot be omitted was mistakes. Some didn't do quite well as others while some exceed their expectation. We saw other groups marching. They were really good but we must always know that we took just 3 days time to train out this batch of prefects. We should be really proud of ourselves. Now,for the closing ceremony,it was also the prize presentation time. I actually went up stage 2 times. I got no.2 in games for scooby doo team and i got the best actor prize. O ya,Andy Ko got the best actress prize. The overall champion was Red Crescent,we manage to get no.5. We should always be grateful with what God has given us. La la la..the whole camp was magnificent and how i wish i can come back again next year. But,that will be impossible because by then,we would have finished our student life. Anyway,I love Uniform Camp 2008!!

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