Saturday, April 26, 2008

I actually learned a very important lesson in these few days.. It's something not only concerning me but about all the boys to say la? Actually it is something really hard to say but i have no choice but to shout it out now!!! WE,BOYS should not always be too over-confident in doing something especially when u r dealing with ur love's funny when u come to think of it..U think that u have got it,but actually u have not even started that particular stupid of u..Or shall I so "Tian Zhen" of u!! Or...U r actually a lame noob! I gain a lesson from one of my close friend..he has been in it,I trust him and i wanna share his way with all of u here..he told me that,if u wanna start a relationship with a girl... What should u do? Haha..tis is the interesting part..a lot of us got caught up here..If we begin to step into the hole we should not have step in,we r all dead n buried..all is gone..if it is good,ok lo..i wish the couple all the,how to know if the hole is suitable to step in or not leh? If u keep on smsing with the girl,u must be feeling really happy..but i can tell u that u really shouldn't be tat happy!Becoz the girl dun really care for u..this is call one sided,hav u learn the lesson?

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Jeffrey said...

Hehehhehe. Allen, i kinda know who that girl is. Coughsocoughkuicoughmuicough =PP figure that out yourself. Anyway, it is not about being over-confident, rather, it is about knowing when to pull out. When you are putting efforts into something, in this case, pursuing a relationship and you found out that the other person is not responding,then it is time to pull out =) Come on, there are plenty of girls out there, open your eyes, dont limit yourself to such a narrow boundary =P

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