Thursday, April 3, 2008

La la la..Who can help? to help ourself when the teacher who are suppose to give us guidance can't even help us? We by then will one to depend on..some parents will never listen to their,in the end..we might just have to depend on our own ability to survive this horror life..full of obstacles which we might not be able to overcome..How hard and painful our life can turn into depend on how we live it! If we ourself too had give up hope on ourself,then,who else can do anything to help us.. The problem is there is a lot of things we can't do alone but needs the help of the ones surrounding us.. So,every soul and living things around us are useful to matter how essential or weak is the thing..We must all appreciate the things we had now or else we will definitely regret one day later..we must never get angry by the for all the things that occur are all because of you yourself.. You can blame no one except yourself..

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Anonymous said...

Yo, dude. What happen to you? You sound depressed and miserable. If got any problems remember to find me. I will try my best to help u. Cheer up and be happy.
(A pal u known since standard 5)

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