Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Sigh Of Relieved!

Do you ever have that one feeling of a sigh of relieved after you have finished something big in your life? I guess I have done mine for the past 20 months of mine. 5 semesters of masters assignments and examinations have been done. I have finished them all and now suddenly I feel like I need some more excitement in my life. Shall I continue on to the next level? Or do I need to just stay put for now? Everything is still a mystery for now. Let's just wait till after my convocation ceremony first for now. I shall rest my mind and put more focus on my teaching profession for now. 

As some of you may know, I am teaching the best class for the mathematics subject this year. The aims was to get all of them to pass the exams and more importantly, I need to achieve 9 As from a total of 25 students. So now we still have one month and 10 days to the long awaited exams. However, I don't think the students are that ready just yet. I need to drill them more and more. No more joke after this. Things are gonna get rough and all of us need to be more focused than ever. I know they can do it and we shall all march towards the end of the line together.

Other than that, since I have more time to spare after my masters course, I need to be indulge in more exercise. Need to seriously loose some weight before it become more and more chronic. So, there shall be swimming time everyday in the afternoon unless there is heavy rain. No more procrastination and more laps need to be done. Everything shall begin this afternoon. So, before I stop my mumbling here, I wish everyone a good month ahead. May all of you be happy and have a good life ahead of you! Come on people!

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