Sunday, June 21, 2015

Who And What Are Friends To You?

Yeah... Been away for a long time, and now I an back here Once again. Well, Let's talk about friends today. What can I say about this. So how can we define about friends anyway? Who are friends to u? Once there was a friend who tell me that he just see us as a friend with benefit in us. We are someone who he can use to move up in his life. But is this what true friend is defined as?

What I can say now is that we may have a lot of friends but how many are actually a true friend to us. How many do u have for as long as u have live in this big big world. Can you actually name 5 or more? Friends can be warm and cold at times. We fought and quarrel before. If we never went through the conflict part, I personally think that this is a not so powerful friendship.

Yeah, though we went through ups n downs for so many times in our life, I m sure a true friend will eventually come back to us. Once we cool down, we will have the ability to rethink what we have done and do the right thing in the end. No one in this world is perfect, including the world famous Nobel prize winner. This is all because they are just humans like every single one of us.

If they end up not coming back, I can declare this friendship over and let's try put our focus on someone else who we should treasure more in our life. One's life is not as long as you think it is when we realize how time has passed by us day by day. Do you know that you have went through 2 decades of life and it is fast approaching 3? So we should just move on with our life. Find our life target, plan ahead. Never wait till the last minute.

For my own life target this year, 3 have been done yet one has failed. I did not manage to go for masters this year as it crashed with my degree convocation. What to do. In life, we are given a lot of choice. I chose the one which most of us would have taken and that has made who I am today.


aidifaizi said...

Life brief candle

Allen said...

Wow.. thanks man.. Never thought u would read my post.. Haha!

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