Monday, August 3, 2015

What A Day! Monday Blues oh Monday Blues!

What a day have I had today. Nothing seems to be going alright today. It's been a long time that I have last experienced something like this. This is really weird and I doubt that I can handle it right. Yeah, Chelsea lost yesterday night to their London rival, Arsenal. I still can't get over it as easy as I had thought although it's just a shield. A lost shall always be a lost. There will be no return. Just like most of the Chelsea fans outside, I feel it's a wrong thing to do to sell one of our best players for 10 seasons to our rival. What more to say when it's to one of our fiercest rival. This made things even worst. I expect more to come from him as the season rolls on. I feel sad seeing him saving every ball we shot last night. The pain is really hurting me mentally. What a way to start the season. We did not manage to register any wins for our preseason games. We lost 2 n drew 2. How can we be so poor? Only Mou knows how to answer that. God knows why!

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