Thursday, March 17, 2011

Play The Game

Often we miss the best chance to tell someone we like them in the right way. It will all end up with nothing or just self dis disappointment. Our mouth just won't dare to speak it out to the other half. We are too scare of what if. What if she reject me? What if our friendship break down? What if this and that happen? Oh well, why don't we think of what if she accept us? Yeah, what if that happen.

Think about it, love can be so adorable at times. When we finally dare to speak up, then everything will be so much different. You will eventually grow one step higher. Breaking the long deep silence hiding inside your heart will just do good for the both of you. Everything must be done step by step. Not even one step can be missed. First, aim. Second, plan. Third, carry out. Fourth, do not rush. Fifth, think back. And sixth, make the right decision.
We must all learn to play the game. One's life shall not be as dull as it looks. Find something interesting and you will enjoy everyday as if it's new year everyday. Good luck and all the best ya.^^

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~KLaRraPaRiS~ said...

come on allen ^^ you can do it~! haha~

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