Monday, March 14, 2011

Girls!! Yes,girls!!

Girls!! Yes,girls... Haiz..pressurize by my parents once again.. Lol..this is really not one of my expertise la.. It's just so hard, or maybe I m just too scare to fail... I have tried so hard to fall in love.. Sometimes feel like love, while some time later it's like normal again.. Oh my, the feeling is just like the to change so much la..

A beautiful world with so many choices around, yet I still have none..haha..^^

Alalala..seeing my friends around with their respective girl friends, just make me wanting to find one for myself as well.. But it's so hard to tell la.. I have some choices dy but.. but it's not tat easy to express!! Wahahaha..this kind of thing is really no joke la.. Once u burst it out, there shall not be a way to turn back! i must really think carefully..have a nice n useful plan before I really take my decision to do something stupid..

The target must be right!! LOL..

Haha..oh well..wat to do..pray hard for a better tomolo ba... I wish for a girl friend soon! Hehe....

The Road is still so long...hehe...come on!!!^^

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