Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rainy Day

What can one do on a nice and sweet rainy day? The wind is so cool and the condition is the best for sleeping wise. These two days we have had our oral and aural test. I guessed I did quite well as nothing really disastrous happened all the way. It's the 10th day here and all I know is that I am still counting days. A student will always hope to end his student life as soon as possible. While a working guy would just hope that he could have more time in studying.

What can one do on a nice and sweet rainy day? Thinking back what I have been through when I am here. Lots of happy and sad things occurred all the way. I can never change the fact that I am here. I know that I still have 4 years plus waiting for me to end this. This is not a nightmare and I can positively tell that I actually like this dream a lot. The choice have been made and I shall always obey it!

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