Friday, July 16, 2010

Talk But Remember To Do too!!

I am starting to feel lazier to update my blog le... Haha...dunno why...maybe just not the right mood ba... Haiya...this sem is just like too relaxing or what... So weird one...maths are not easy yet my they can feel so happy one... I dun even know if they know how to answer or not... Really speechless when i see them... I know,i's not good to talk bad about others especially behind them... But then, i just hope that they really can understand what Mdm.Dora is teaching ba... Differentiation n Trigonometry...not easy~~~ BM n BI still ok de la... Come on,guys...this makes me recall how i used to copy the answers from Ah Kuok once upon a time in Upper Six... Copy is easy but when u really come to do it, it's really not the same thing!!

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