Thursday, July 8, 2010

Second Week~!~

The second week in the new semester is coming to an end really really soon. And i have to admit that I am still not so into it. My mind is still far back at home with the ham members. Knowing n seeing them having so much fun back at home just make me think of home more than ever.

This eventually made me reflect on the decision once again. One year is gone, but the journey is still so long and it's doesn't spell easy to me either. Second semester's results was announced 2 days ago and I was really happy that I was the top with the result of 3.78. N that brings my average of 2 semesters to 3.70. Lol.

I am still so lazy as usual. Many works are loading and it is getting more n more. Like usual, I am going out during weekends. Shopping for fresh air ba. If not, I dunno what I might turn into. Thank God he still give me such entertainment!

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