Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spider's Feel

Saddened. Sick. Disgusted. Numb. Speechless. Breathless. Unthinkable. Gone. I really can't figure it out what to do next. It's really hard to take the steps given to me. Am i destined to do so? Who knows.No one likes it yet time goes on. It waits for nobody. Once again, someone reminded me of the decision I made last year. I still haven really regret what had happened. I dunno when will I face the limit. All I know is that I am not doing the path I should be doing yet I am also not away too far from my destiny. I shall not cry over it. Things are not too bad actually. There are a lot of others who wanted this place and how they wish to be here. I know I am not good in some things and I regret why I made that decision to continue the first time.
No matter what, people are often given chances to change. Since the chance are there, I might as well take it. Turning back is never an option. Here is here. 7 months has gone by. Others are nearly to the end of their 1st year. I meanwhile are not even in the half way of my foundation years. Many will eventually graduate much early before me. What is wrong with that? Does that mean that they will earn more and be happier than me? Is this how it works? I am a teacher trainee and my destiny is to a teacher. I wanted to be one and no one can disturb my path.

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Jacqueline said...

no turning back.. just surge forward.. i felt devastated as well during my 2 years in KL.. How I wished I studied form 6 at that time and can hang around with all of u.. bt then every1 has different destiny in their life.. urs and mien are just different..

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